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Hello and welcome to Winger flight academy. Our academy is absolutely committed to providing the highest quality flight training in a supportive environment. Join us!

100% newest fleet available

We possess the newest fleet that allows you to be trained and then work in the best environment.

New professional simulators

Advanced training makes us going on the leading edge owing to the State-of-the-art equipment.

12,000+ pilots accredited

This fact proves that you'll be at the academy that supplies the world's airlines with the best pilots.

Fully accredited and secure

As a fully accredited flight academy, we have built our name an reputation for over 25 years.

Meet our team

I an Howells

Ian Howells

CSIP & Chief Flight Instructor

Ben Barash


Students about the training team

I meant to do this sooner but even a few months after the fact I still reflect on the mountain flying course I took through IA as one of the most valuable experiences in my ten years of flying. Stephen Slade was an amazing professional to work with. The forecast VFR weather turned out to be IFR over the central Rockies that day but we completed a challenging day of mountain flying that involved actual instrument approaches into Telluride and Leadville (circle to land in actual conditions at Leadville!). I travelled all the way from Iowa to take this course and it was worth it and then some. Can’t say enough about Mr. Slade. A real class act and a consummate professional.  The experience increased my confidence by leaps and bounds. I’m pretty much counting the days until I can do it again. 

Jason Dierking

Jason Dierking


If you’re searching for mountain flying training, look no further!  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Independence Aviation and Stephen Slade, CFI.  Stephen created a learning plan focused on safe mountain flying and took my aviation skills to a new level.  You’re guaranteed to have an experience like no other, in addition to meeting an all-around great pilot, instructor, and one of our country’s best! Aim high!

Marilyn Bush

St. Louis, MO

“I requested mountain flying training in my Cirrus SR22T and worked with Stephen Slade at Independence Aviation.  Stephen provided ground school with all the critical terrain and weather basics.  He then planned sessions (taking advantage of my planes capabilities) to various airports with progressive challenges.  This was a fun and valuable experience for me and I now feel confident planning and flying to my favorite destinations in the mountains.  Flights to Steamboat and Telluride were noteworthy.  Stephen was knowledgeable, friendly and has all the attributes of a good instructor.  He followed up with answers to a couple of outstanding questions in a professional manner.  Stephen is my go-to instructor for any recurrent or additional mountain flying training.”

Mike K

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