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Located in Denver, Colorado, Independence Aviation proudly exhibits the title 2016 Cirrus Training Center of the Year, and we are delighted to be a Platinum Partner with Cirrus Aircraft. Our flight school is honored to have the FAA’s national 2017 Flight Instructor of the Year on our roster, and has produced the 2012 and 2018 Regional Nominee Flight Instructors of the Year!

We are a Cirrus flight school at Centennial Airport, but whether you want Cirrus flight training, flight training in non- Cirrus aircraft, instruction out of another airport, or mountain flight training, Independence Aviation will customize a program just for you! Our focus is offering a wide range of pilot services including training to get a certificate or rating (like your private pilot license), aircraft management, pilot mentoring, skills development, airplane rental and more. We have a passionate and dedicated community of pilots who want to help you grow and master the skill of flying.

Cirrus Training Center Platinum Partner


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