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IA On Demand Remote Training

Started on July 21, 2024

Can't make the drive to Centennial every day? Want to fly from other Colorado locations?

Let IA bring the aircraft and instructor to you with IA On Demand. Your instructor will reposition the aircraft to an airport near you for a small additional fee. Then, they will provide flight instruction at the regular hourly airplane rental and instructor rates.

IA-OnDemand Details
  • Available to members who are receiving flight training from IA
    • Not yet enrolled? Choose from one of our many courses:
      • Private Pilot
      • Instrument
      • Commercial
      • Cirrus Transtion
      • Cirrus Embark
      • Mountain Flying (1 and 3 day)
      • Proficiency
    • Choose one of our many courses and then contact us to choose an instructor.
  • Fees – We’re keeping it simple
    • First, we’ll add a small flat fee for repositioning the aircraft and instructor to your location:
      • Denver Metro (KBJC) – $99
      • Colorado Air & Space Port (KCFO) – $99
      • Erie (KEIK) – $99
      • Fort Collins (KFNL) – $199
      • Greeley (KGXY) – $199
      • Colorado Springs (KCOS) – $199
      • Other locations – Call For Availability
    • Secondly, you’ll be charged your regular hourly instructor and airplane rental rates (4-hour minimum)
  • What does the flat fee cover?
    • Repositioning of the aircraft and instructor to your lesson location including aircraft HOBBS hours and instructor time during the repositioning flight.
  • What will my instructor and I be doing?
    • In most circumstances, you will be able to train similar to as if you were located at our Centennial Airport location with some exceptions. This will depend on the resources located at your airport (tower, multiple runways, traffic, etc).
    • You and your instructor will discuss your lessons ahead of time as appropriate for your training session with the goal to be that your ground training is done mostly virtually.
    • We recommend that you aim to complete 2 lessons per relocation day in order to maximize your IA-OnDemand session.
  • When Can This Be Booked?
    • Whenever you find it convenient to do so after coordinating with your instructor first.
    • We recommend that you and your instructor choose a morning or afternoon to allow your instructor time to return to Centennial and take on additional students. For example:
      • AM 6a to 12 noon
      • PM 12:30pm to 8pm
      • You are welcome to book your instructor for a full day at their discretion (duty-day limits apply)
  • Minimums
    • In addition to the flat fee, we require that you book your instructor for at least 4 hours. We recommend you divide this into:
      • 1 Hour of ground instruction
      • 3 Hours of flight instruction
  • Cancellations
    • 24 Hour Notice or $200 Cancellation Fee
    • No Charge for Cancellation or delays caused by weather or aircraft maintenance issues
  • Don’t need the instructor, just the plane? Have us reposition the aircraft for Solo Rental
    • $199
    • Minimum of 4 Hour Rental at the current rental rates
    • Must be a current member in good standing with a current checkout appropriate to the aircraft being rented.
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