Complete proficiency Approach program

January 4, 2019

The CPA program has changed the way I stay proficient.  It instills confidence, knowing that my proficiency program is modeled after the ones used by the airlines and top corporate flight departments.  In the CPA program, I know that I am working on the right skills and knowledge at the right intervals, using state-of-the art learning methods, with some of the best instructors I have ever flown with.  It is exactly the program I had been waiting for. 

Martin K. Denver, CO

Cirrus Pilots Proficiency Program Pilot

March 13, 2018

I'd like to express my profound thanks to you for investing your time and heart in training us simians flying around up there in Cirrus's, and for training me specifically. I learned more in 6 hours than I have in a decade. I was inspired by your wisdom and perspective. And then, you were kind enough to follow up with these emails with helpful manuals or checklists.

Tom D.                                                                                                                                    Raleigh, NC


Crosswind Concepts Sim Training Success!

May 8, 2017


Wouldn’t you know it: After my Crosswind Concepts sim training today I flew back to KANK at 3:30 from KAPA during the most convective activity of the day.  Winds at my destination are generally below 10kts and about 30 degrees off the nose during most of my flight.

10 Minutes out they start to pick up, go 90 degrees to the runway and start gusting.  By the time I’m ready to enter the pattern I have 18kts at 90 degrees to the runway with gusts to 27kts.  The sound of those high numbers almost made me go around but I was lined up on the runway on final and able to hold a steady approach.

I eased into the slip, got the nose straight and just landed the plane on the centerline clean as you like.  Mike, this would have been the 999 score I was working for on the sim.  My plane is much more responsive than the sim and easier to control.  I think that works in the pilot’s favor when they return to their own aircraft.

Thanks for helping me to build the confidence to manage bigger crosswinds than I’ve ever attempted before.  Would recommend this program to ALL pilots everywhere.


Walt Harder Salida, CO


Joining the TRACON Tour

December 1, 2016

Thanks again for allowing me to join the group. It was a great chance for me to see what I always envisioned.

I would have thought that the room would have been much larger but then I didn’t realize they only cover the 52 miles around DEN. I was also amazed at how calm everyone was and willing to answer any questions we had. It was interesting to learn about the SID’s using the charts that they have set up and therefore freeing up time for the controllers. The interesting thing was that the one guy said not all pilots were familiar with it even after it has been in place for several years. I also will feel a little better about any vectors I receive as I know they are just keeping everyone safe. I do think the app game I have that simulates air traffic control is fairly realistic. The training only lasts about 45 hours but I realize that much more goes into that before they get to the Denver TRACON.




Simon M. from Down Under

November 17, 2016

Hi Chuck,

Thank you again for your generosity of time, knowledge and tales from your training past.

You were wonderful company and I hope we can catch up again very soon in either Colorado or back here in Australia.

I hope you have a great time in Sydney and your journey home is smoother than our bumpy trip of the Central West of NSW!

Thank you again, and I feel this photo shows how happy I was after our flight.


Simon M. from Australia



October 13, 2016

Thanks again for arranging and participating in the Denver TRACON tour!

I’ve been flying for quite a few years and have never taken the time for any control center tour.

It’s obviously very helpful to see what information the controllers see, their constraints, and how they communicate with and route the aircraft.

It’s also obvious that there’s a person on the other side of the microphone, but to talk in person to the actual people doing the work is invaluable.

I now understand better how and why they do what they do, and have an appreciation for the “art of the possible” in our interactions from the cockpit.

Thanks again for making us better pilots,

Dave T.


Dream Chaser Flight Test Crew

October 7, 2016

Independence Aviation at Rocky Mountain Metro provides high quality, professionally maintained aircraft, enabling us to maintain flight currency with state of the art avionics systems – a necessary part of our roles in the Dream Chaser program.

Dream Chaser Flight Test Crew


Michael Kennedy

October 1, 2016

I recently earned my Instrument Rating through the commitment of my instructor (amazing guy) and the overall awareness and support of the entire team. I can tell you there is no ground crew better at KAPA then this outfit. They meet/greet and manage aircraft as if you’re the G5 parking at Tac. I highly recommend this organization to anyone in need of any level of GA services.

Michael Kennedy