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IA – Come in and use the Sim!

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Come in and use the Sim

Choose an Instructor

Simulator Rental Discount!
Normally you can rent our SR20 and SR22T AATD for $125/hr but join us this Friday, December 10, and rent either simulator for just



Plus book one of our world-class instructors to join you on your simulator session for a more challenging experience!

Active members, book time now on Flight Schedule Pro.

Are you an IA-Proficiency or IA-Experience level member?

This is a great time to use your monthly simulator hours!

Wacky windsock on a windy day gif.

Windy day?

Too much turbulence?

Book it for crosswind practice!

Drive carefully! We still want you to get here safely. That’s why we are already preparing our facility for your arrival. Enjoy your ground lesson or sim session!

Independence Aviation
12780 East Control Tower Road, Englewood, CO 80112


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