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Pilot Services


Not just flight training.

Independence Aviation offers a variety of services to help with the sometimes daunting tasks of flying missions. Consider us as your corporate flight department where we provide services such as:

Captain or Co-pilot/Crew

Regardless of what you own—jets, turbo-prop or piston—IA has a stable of outstanding pilots with the credentials to serve your needs. Our team will have the plane ready for you here and take care of it for you there.


When you have purchased a new aircraft, scheduled a maintenance mission for your aircraft, or you need a family member picked up in a distant city, we simplify the process by doing the repositioning for you. Let IA take the hassle away while you keep a day of your life rather than spending it in cars, airports or on commercial jetliners.

Oxygen refill available through our Ground Support staff

Oxygen refill available through our Ground Support staff

Aircraft Care & Launch Prep

IA has the ability to serve as your flight department. We will arrange for your pre- and post-flight preparations including fuel/oil, oxygen, and other needs at your destination so you can take care of your priorities instead of worrying about flight details.

When your aircraft is serviced directly by IA or one of our Cirrus partners, you are always assured of the most reputable and reliable support available.

For a more detailed review of our services, please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can serve all of your aviation needs.


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