Flight Training Overview

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Denver Area Flight Training

If you are just starting out, our flight training school is exceptional. Whether you are a novice eager to explore the exciting world of aviation or an accomplished pilot looking to develop new skills, our outstanding team will share their love of flying while helping you reach your goals. We do this through a mix of flight training, pilot mentoring, and ongoing education.

Flight School

Our instructors are dedicated aviation educators and our fleet of aircraft is unmatched for quality and value.

We have addressed many of the frustrations that student pilots have with flight training by creating a customer-centric approach that includes:

  • Upfront assessment of skills and desires and realistic cost expectations
  • Matching your learning style to the most compatible instructor
  • Scenario based training using a syllabus to help you become the safest pilot possible and know where you are in your training at all times
  • Personalized training programs to help meet your individual needs
  • Team teaching so you won’t miss a beat in your training schedule

Certificates and Ratings Training

IA has the expertise to guide you to success in virtually all certificate categories, ratings, and endorsements:

  • Student, Recreational, Private
  • Instrument rating
  • Commercial, Airline Transport pilot
  • Multi-engine rating
  • Complex, High-Performance, High Altitude, Tail dragger endorsements
  • Flight Instructor certification

Cirrus Transition Training

Cirrus Aircraft has developed the best training programs of any manufacturer in the industry. As an award winning Platinum Cirrus Training Center, we are experts at these programs. We take this expertise to all of our training, Cirrus aircraft or otherwise.

Mountain training

Our instructors fly in the mountains all the time and would love to share the experience with you. Visit us and we will talk about mountain weather, density altitude, aircraft loading, route selection, survival gear to carry, planning, communications, and we’ll get you to as many airports as your schedule allows.

Pilot Proficiency Programs

IA has created and sponsors several programs focused on pilot proficiency:

  • Complete Proficiency Approach (CPA) program
  • IMC Club at IA
  • Bi-monthly weather seminar