Discovery Flight

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1 Hour Discovery Flight for $350*

3 Hour Discovery Instruction and Flight for $550*

Discover what a Cirrus can do

now this is independence

If you’ve never flown an airplane before, come fly with Independence Aviation and discover the joy of what it’s like from the pilot’s seat! You’ll sit in the left seat with an instructor in the right seat, and you’ll be in charge of the controls as much as possible while following your instructors verbal guidance. You’ll be able to perform basic flight maneuvers including how to take off, climbing to your cruise altitude, and turning back to the airport for your very first landing.

Cirrus Aircraft is the best-selling single piston airplane being manufactured, with state of the art flat-panel digital avionics displays, and a full frame parachute for enhanced safety. Your ride will be comfortable, roomy, and cool on those hot summer days since they are equipped with the luxury of air-conditioning.

Independence Aviation is an award-winning Cirrus Platinum Training Center; a designation that highlights “premium quality service, exceptional training, outstanding support and state-of-the-art technical skills.”

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*Introductory rate for our 2017 SR-20 N68BC. All other flights at regular prices.