Complete Proficiency Approach


Keep your skills sharp.

Raising the Bar for Safety in General Aviation:
IA’s Complete Proficiency Approach Training Program

For decades, U.S. airlines have maintained the finest safety record in the world thanks in part to a single practice: continuous pilot proficiency training. Unfortunately, general aviation has never come close to commercial airlines’ stellar performance.

At Independence Aviation, we believe the time has come to make a change for the better. 

Whether flying a commercial airliner with 250 passengers on board or flying solo in a Cirrus SR20 – or anything in between – safety should be every pilot’s top priority. This is why IA has designed its Complete Proficiency Approach(TM) to keep aviation operators, their flight teams and customers continuously engaged in sharpening their skills to achieve the kind of safety superiority that U.S. commercial airlines have proved possible on a remarkable scale.

Complete Proficiency Approach Training: What It Is

Due to strong customer demand and our own commitment to aviation safety, IA management has melded our combined flight experience with the best elements of Cirrus’ six-month training tasks, the standards and principles of the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association and the best of the FAA Safety WINGS program to create a personalized program that rivals the content of commercial airlines proficiency training but tailored to meet your General Aviation needs.

The program delivers results that busy executives and leaders simply can’t achieve on the fly trying to digest FAA advisory circulars, BFR, IPC and other training requirements. And it’s all accomplished while having fun training with fellow aviators, and one-on-one with your instructor.

CPA Training: What You Get

CPA participants comprise an elite group of aviators committed to the highest standards of safety for themselves and their passengers. This excellence is achieved through a rigorous, but fun, packaged 12-month regimen including:

  • Regular flight training with an Independence Aviation flight instructor to accomplish the tasks and functions that will keep you always current
  • Training that qualifies participants for flight review and Instrument Proficiency Check endorsements
  • Selected online training from various professional providers
  • Discount for attending a Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program
  • Potential insurance premium savings
  • Unlimited simulator use
  • IA instructor/mentor pilot support and advice
  • Day-long workshop covering topics such as- aircraft maintenance
    – Aerodynamics
    – Diversion decisions
    – Loss of control prevention
    – Avionics best practices
    – Instrument chart clinics
    – Weather, crosswinds
    – ATC interaction
    – iPads in the cockpit
    – Non-pilot partner training
    – Cirrus training portal

Climb Aboard!

Join our CPA pilot corps today and achieve an unprecedented, continuous focus on safety – not to mention the camaraderie that comes with a community of like-minded aviators.