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Sarah Lion


Brief info

As her now second career, Sarah has found being a flight instructor fits her personality perfectly!

Joining us from our hot, neighboring state of Arizona, she spent the last 12 years working as a surgical technologist. 4 of the those years with the US Army and the rest in different hospital facilities in Colorado. Having enjoyed a career meeting people from various walks of life, she seemingly has never met a person with whom she couldn't have a long conversation or a good laugh.

However, Sarah couldn't resist the call of the skies. Her Army unit was based at a hangar where daily she would watch the jump airplanes repeatedly take members of her unit up and away. When eventually moving on to the civilian world, she marched to her nearest Scottsdale flight school to earn her wings.

Then, luckily, we got a hold of her!

Now Sarah shares her wisdom with our students right here at Independence Aviation. She believes that if a person is open to new information and new ideas they'll gain a greater understanding of the world around them.

And what world aviation can be! Welcome Sarah.

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